Peter Freeman, Inc., founded in 1990, represents leading international artists and estates of several generations and specializes in important paintings, sculptures, and drawings of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, with a particular emphasis on early Pop, Minimal, and Conceptual works. The gallery presents at least five exhibitions each year of both new work and of historical bodies of work that we believe are especially relevant to the art of our time, focused shows exploring significant movements, themes, and ideas that have influenced and defined recent art and culture. The historic works handled by the gallery over the past thirty...


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A Map of Mixed Emotions: Works on Paper, is an online exclusive exhibition in three parts, celebrating the medium of drawing with a wide range of artists using a variety of techniques. Rather than a traditional focus on artistic movements, tendencies, and influences, works in the exhibition are grouped according to their visual connections and in three series—Ruminations, Impressions, and Transmissions.

Part III: Transmissions

Works in the series ​Transmissions​ present images based on a process of relaying and communicating one form into another and includes such examples as Robert Filliou and Emmett Williams’s ​The Pink Spaghetti Handshake (1965), and Mangelos’s ​Energy Memory, Dilemma​ (1971 - 1977), two-part alphabet drawings by Franz Erhard Walther, as well as Mel Bochner’s Thesaurus drawings.

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