Hirschl & Adler Galleries was founded in 1952 by Norman S. Hirschl and Abraham M. Adler. In 1967 Stuart P. Feld joined the firm as a partner, and since 1982 has served as its President and Director. Elizabeth Feld joined the firm in 1999 and serves as Managing Director and head of the Department of Furniture and Decorative Arts. In February 2018, Hirschl & Adler moved to beautifully designed new quarters in the landmark Fuller Building at the world-renowned crossroads of Madison Avenue and 57th Street, where the gallery continues to specialize in American and European paintings, watercolors, drawings, and...


41 East 57th Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10022 USA

MASKS OF MODERNISM: The Figure in 20th-century American Art

In a vast spectrum of styles and media, Masks of Modernism surveys how American artists portrayed the human figure in the 20th century. Pioneering American Modernists sought a new way to represent the oldest and most practiced genre in art: portraiture. Once a status symbol of wealth and power, this group of artists present portraits from all walks of life, from local politician to revue dancer, and from cowboy to nun.

Evolving from traditional oil portraits, these 20th-century artists play with surface texture, using a variety of supports and techniques. Sleek nickel-plated bronze is used to portray an accomplished modern woman of the 1920s and a silhouetted paper cut-out executed with great skill and precision emphasizes the curvilinear form of a dancer.

No longer faithful representations of likeness, American Modernists found new ways to communicate identity.