Founded in 1987 in Soho , David Nolan Gallery specializes in modern and contemporary works by an array of international artists working in a variety of media. The gallery’s original mission was to exhibit contemporary works on paper along with painting and sculptures by American and European artists and to produce monographs together with tightly curated historical exhibitions. The first solo show at the gallery – an exhibition of early drawings by Sigmar Polke - was followed by presentations of now-canonical German artists, including Georg Baselitz, Martin Kippenberger, Dieter Roth, Gerhard Richter, Rosemarie Trockel and Albert Oehlen. In this same...


24 East 81st Street
New York, NY 10028

The State of Play | Spring 2020

David Nolan Gallery is delighted to present “The State of Play,” an exhibition of new works by Jorinde Voigt. For the artist’s fifth solo exhibition with the gallery, Voigt continues to expand upon her singular practice of methodical and conceptually rigorous “visual scores” that transcend everyday perceptual experiences and attempt to translate into color and form that which is most ephemeral and impenetrable.

Working serially and within a predetermined structure and set of formal restraints, Voigt’s process begins by hand dying each sheet of paper a hue that corresponds to specific stimuli or emotion. In the case of her newest series, Potential (2020), Voigt selected a midnight blue, albeit with its various real-life associations (i.e. time of day, nautical and cosmological phenomena, et al.) put into question. Voigt’s meticulous notations and gestural markings then introduce an added layer of visual coding, allowing each unique work within the series to convey its own individual and emotional meaning. Experienced serially, Voigt’s works build incrementally, unraveling as if walking through an operatic score, lulling the viewer into a kind of dream state that is at once familiar and otherworldly.