Since 1979, Fraenkel Gallery has presented more than 350 exhibitions exploring photography and its relation to other media, expanding the conversation around photography and contemporary art. The gallery is committed to introducing significant works of art in all media, since we believe that to understand photographs it helps to see them in light of other objects–and vice versa. The gallery is a primary representative for the work of Diane Arbus , Robert Adams , Sophie Calle , Lee Friedlander , Adam Fuss , Katy Grannan , Richard Learoyd , Richard Misrach , Alec Soth , and Hiroshi Sugimoto , and...


49 Geary Street, Suite 450

I’m Not the Only One is inspired by our current emotional, psychological, and practical transformation. It is an invitation to you, our circle of artists and visitors, both real and imagined. I’m not the only one wrestling with a sense of isolation, but what has surprised and sustained me in this time has been the connections in the face of the distances, social and otherwise.

There is a Portuguese word, saudade [pron:saa·deidz], that does not exist in English. More nuanced than melancholy or bittersweet, saudade is a subtle yet enduring desire for something other than the present. Deep inside this word is the sense that the thing for which one longs may never be had again, while acknowledging that longing for the past would detract from the anticipation for the future. Saudade is likely what most of us are feeling right about now.

— Frish Brandt

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