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245 Tenth Avenue
(between 24th & 25th St.)
New York, NY 10001

Canadian artist Sarah Anne Johnson’s photographs of the landscape develop from her intimacy and integration with the natural world. From indigenous societies who preserve ways of knowing the world in relationship to the land, to modern scientific researchers testing the ability of trees to communicate intelligently, Johnson draws inspiration from the transcendent and healing properties of nature.

Responding to the overall formal qualities of her photographs, Johnson works intuitively to make the images “more true” to her experience of nature, applying both fine art and high kitsch materials such as paint, photo-spotting ink, holographic tape, gold or brass leaf, and/or making changes in Photoshop. Painted photographs are at times stenciled with small, biomorphic forms resembling Morse code. On others, triangular stains of oil paint have been applied freehand, to trace the negative space between tree branches and simulate stained glass windows in houses of worship. Johnson’s added forms represent what the eye and camera cannot apprehend; not only communication between plants, but, equally importantly, her freedom with materials and spiritual experience of the landscape. “I do this to create a more honest image,” says Johnson. “To show not just what I saw, but how I feel about what I saw.”

Please note that prices include framing with anti-reflective Optium Museum Acrylic and that prices and availability are subject to change, as some pieces are unique.